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  • Kitagawa, Daniel A. S.; Cavalcante, Samir; de Paula, Reuel L.; Rodrigues, Rafael B.; Bernardo, Leandro B.; da Silva, Munique C. J.; da Silva, Thiago N.; dos Santos, Wellington, V; Granjeiro, Jose M.; de Almeida, Joyce S. F. D.; Barcellos, Marcos C.; Correa, Ana Beatriz de A.; Costa Franca, Tanos Celmar; Kuča, Kamil; Simas, Alessandro B. C. (MDPI, 2019)
    Casualties caused by organophosphorus pesticides are a burden for health systems in developing and poor countries. Such compounds are potent acetylcholinesterase irreversible inhibitors, and share the toxic profile with ...
  • Brum, Juliana de Oliveira C.; Neto, Denise Cristian F.; de Almeida, Joyce Sobreiro E. D.; Lima, Joselia Alencar; Kuča, Kamil; Costa Franca, Tanos Celmar; Figueroa-Villar, Jose D. (MDPI-Molecular diversity preservation international, 2019)
    Six quinoline-piperonal hybrids were synthesized and evaluated as potential drugs against Alzheimer's disease (AD). Theoretical analysis of the pharmacokinetic and toxicological properties of the compounds suggest that ...

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